Who are we?

Chorical initially was created as “Digital_S” with SELENA, a virtual artist for the Festival text-to-speech software. Established on November 1st, 2018, we now are a group with a mission; to provide creators high quality tools for music production.

Infoholic - CEO/Founder

Full time student with a passion in vocal synthesis, Info is the founder of Chorical and the heart of the group who does a little bit of everything.

Digits - Programmer

A programming enthusiast as well as a general computer geek, Digits is a student in Florida who aids Chorical in their endeavors where a more experienced mathematical touch is required.

DaydreamerStratus - Public Relations

Her charming personality is her qualification for being our representative to the world. Stratus is the individual who contacts and manages relationships with outside groups.

Mocha - Illustrator/Proofreader

Mocha, with an artistic talent, is our graphics illustrator. In addition he uses his linguistic abilities for proofreading documents, emails, and publications.

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